A «test train » for the inter-urban Cotonou – Pahou section

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The announcement of the upcoming commissioning of an inter urban passenger train between Pahou and Cotonou was welcome with great interest by the population. For thousands of people who suffer daily inconvenience of traffic congestion, the initiative of the Bolloré Group is a remarkable step forward.

Train 665

On Wednesday May6, a delegation of experts of the Bolloré Group traveled by train the Cotonou – Pahou stretch; an opportunity for them to assess the state of this portion of the railway. Departed from Cotonou Central Railway Station, the “test train” stopped at Cadjehoun St. Jean, before continuing its route leading successively to the Godomey Cococodji station and to its final destination, Pahou.

At each station, the specialists commented: “Essential for the Cotonou – Pahou inter urban route exists, even if this portion is in a state of decay,” said Joseph AOUDA, but noted that “For passengers comfort will require preliminary work on this section “.

Even if the ride was uneventful, experts and the Bolloré Group’s team observed that local residents have lost security reflex, especially along the railway track.

Indeed, some traders occupy the immediate vicinity of the rails, installing peacefully stalls of goods, obstructing the passage of the train and forcing it to stop while waiting for the way to be released. The “test train” had to stop not less than six times on these grounds. Lady Sésénon told us: “For three years I have been close to the rails with my little business stall, there is almost no passing train.” With the forthcoming revival of the train, everyone will have to reconnect with the good practice so that the train can once again proceed normally.