Benin railway renovation work in progress

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Citizens of Cotonou can actually see concrete actions as part of the long process of Benin railway renovation. Railway experts have started topographical studies, which are a key step in the chain of operations towards the ultimate goal of improving mobility for populations of Cotonou and its suburbs.

benirail chemin de fer benin travaux

Upon completion of topographic surveys, the consultancy will determine the final route of Benin railway and the size of earthworks and sanitation works required. Then comes the actual laying of the railway line (sleepers, rails and ballast).

Residents living near the railroad, witnesses of the excitement around the rail issue, are eager to see the final result: “Bring on the train ride back!” cried out one of the residents.
In addition, the renovation project for five stations (Seme-Cadjèhoun-Godomey-Cococodji-Pahou) is in its final stages of negotiation. After the launch of a call for tender, local companies were selected for renovation. By the end of the year, the transformation should be visible to Cotonois (Cotonou citizens).