Bolloré offers job and business opportunities to local entrepreneurs

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The Cotonou-Parakou-Dosso-Niamey Blueline renovation and construction project is an unprecedented focus for investment and job creation in Benin. The refurbishment of the Central Station in Cotonou and the construction of the Bluezone have given Benin’s local businesses and architects a chance to deploy and showcase their know-how.

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The work at the Central Station in Cotonou has been conducted in partnership with Beninese public works companies. “Bolloré Group, in addition to the investments it has made, has given me the chance to fulfil a dream”, said the project contractor in charge of the renovation of the Central Station in Cotonou, before adding: “every entrepreneur hopes to work on a project on the scale of the station and the Bluezone at some time in his career”.

In addition to the professional satisfaction that the project brings to Beninese entrepreneurs, it has, above all, directly and indirectly created hundreds of jobs, thus contributing to the generation of employment for young people, a top government priority. Thus, the station renovation work has mobilised at least 150 people who have been working in shifts every day to enable the site to be completed to schedule.

When the work on the railway line itself get under way, the whole country will benefit from the subsequent economic growth.