New visual identity for railway in Benin

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A new advertising display overhangs the exterior facades of the various buildings of Benin Railways. Bearing the word BENIRAIL, the white background of a sketch of a modern train highlights the blue and gray colors used to write BENIRAIL.

BENIRAIL 286x206 (9)
It has been a real discovery for residents and passers-by of the Libercom avenue. On this section of the road, most motorists gaze at the sign BENIRAIL recently installed. Some of them simply stop to contemplate the nice logo carefully set. A fifty-year-old user of the avenue told us “This is the first time I see this sign” before adding “I did not know that this building was related to the railway.”
Not far from the central station of Cotonou, the building of the General Directorate is no exception to the rule. At the top of this building a BENIRAIL signboard is clearly visible. This logo identifies the building and also help residents to move by giving them reference point. Awa, a nearby freshly installed restaurant owner declares “the sign of Benirail building helps me indicate to my customers the location of my restaurant.”

The identity of BENIRAIL goes far beyond the buildings. Today it is common to see workers in a blue pinafore dress marked with the BENIRAIL logotype and wearing a protective helmet bearing the same logo.
In his address while making acquaintance with staff, Benoit du SOUICH / CEO of Bolloré Benin stressed that BENIRAIL offers “the opportunity to turn a page […] and to rebuild on new foundations, with real and beautiful prospects of work and development” before urging employees to be” proud to wear the name of [their] new business, to show it to [their] children, [their] families, be proud of what [they] stand for and what we are creating together.”