Preparation works for the railway renovation began

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Pickaxe striking the ballast, Coachscrewing machine at work to pull the bolts securing the rails and ties, removing old ties … In battle order and discipline, the workers are busy on the rail line in preparation for the laying of new track.

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Wearing a reflective vest, in pair of safety shoes and in safety helmet, workers diligently advance. “Work began in recent days and are proceeding very well. The teams are motivated and at work. We’re also expecting hardware” told us a team leader.

Next to the work area, we discovered a stock of carefully arranged railway ties. They consist of a concrete block reinforced at each end, each connected by a metal angle.

“This type of tie, made of two hammer beams connected by a metal spacer is known as bi- block tie” told us Joseph Aouda, one of the railway engineers of Bolloré Group. Substitution of steel ties by bi-block ties brings a breath of modernity in Benin rail network.