Railway work in progress at Pahou station

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After topographic surveying work on the Porto Novo – Pahou axis was completed several weeks ago, it was the weeding, scraping, leveling operations at Pahou station that started this week. These operations constitute the preliminary stage of rehabilitation of the Cotonou – Parakou railway line which then joins Dosso and Niamey.


At Pahou station, along the railway and its surroundings, hundreds of workers are busy weeding, scraping and getting free from sand.

Half-way through, the results are already visible for local residents. “Overgrown with weeds a few days ago, our station has been giving a facelift” the station master told us contentedly.

“This is the first phase of the process that will allow us to easily remove the old rails and replace them with others that will soon be installed” explained to us Worko Gregory, director of the Benin-Niger railway project.
For the Bolloré Group, improving mobility in Cotonou and its outskirts is part of the agenda of the rail project and will be a real breakthrough for thousands of people who every day face traffic congestion to reach the downtown of the economic capital of Benin.
The construction of 60 km of railway will connect the village of Pahou to Cotonou. The goal of the work, in its first phase, is the rehabilitation of the railway by laying new rails on the Pahou-Cotonou-Porto Novo section, 60 km long and the entry into service of an intercity train on this stretch. Eventually, it will be the complete construction of the Cotonou-Parakou-Niamey axis .