Rejuvenating Cadjéhoun Saint – Jean station

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The citizens of Cotonou accustomed to the market of Gbégamey and to its coal depot have discovered the winds of change blowing through the railway. The station of Cadjéhoun Saint-Jean has had a real face-lift and become the first of minor stations to benefit from the Bolloré Group’s investments in railway in Benin.

665 La cure de jouvence de la gare de Cadjéhoun St Jean

All buildings of the station have now been renovated and painted blue and white which are the colors of the Blueline. The station concourse, the offices, the police station and the warehouses have been repainted. It is therefore a completely transformed station that welcomed the Heads of State of Benin and Niger on 19 March this year.
Renovation works of the railway have been launched. The Bolloré Group made commitment for many other investments as part of modernization of the railway network along with of course the building of Bluezones and Bluepoints as far as Parakou before connecting with Niamey.