Renovation works on Cotonou / Porto-Novo railway axis

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Derelict and overgrown with weeds, the Cotonou / Porto-Novo railway section is coming back to life in recent days. As a prelude to the extensive work which ultimately will complete the construction of the Cotonou – Parakou – Niamey railway, weeding, soil stripping and laying out operations are underway.

Announced on 2 June by Vincent Bolloré “we decided to start now the first 50 kilometers. We will renovate 30 kilometers from Cotonou to Porto Novo … “, this preliminary work demonstrate once again the will of the Bolloré Group to respect the deadlines.

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“This weeding and stripping operation is the first phase of the process that will allow us to easily remove the old rails and replace them with others, which will be placed on bi-block ties. This renovation will bring a breath of modernity in Benin railway network “told us Arthur Fox of the Bolloré Group.

The construction of the first phase of 50 kilometers of railway, connecting the city of Pahou to Cotonou and Porto Novo is a reality. Thus, a line of passenger transport between Pahou and Cotonou also between Cotonou and Porto-Novo will be open by December.

According to Vincent Bolloré, improving mobility in Cotonou and its suburbs is in the project agenda of the rail loop and will be a real breakthrough for thousands of people facing everyday traffic congestion on their way to the down town of the economic capital of Benin.