The French Head of State visiting Zongo Bluezone

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During his first state visit to Benin, the President of the French Republic François Hollande went to Zongo Bluezone on July 2, 2015

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In the morning of Thursday, July 2, the usual queues at the reception of Zongo Bluezone have temporarily blurred to make room for a high security service. Soon, as the minutes passed residents formed a receiving line to welcome the distinguished guest of Benin

The wait was not long, the presidential escort stopped in the parking lot of the Bluezone and the two heads of state are welcomed by Ange Mancini, who led the delegation of the Bolloré Group. All this happened under the applause of residents, along with songs.

After the usual exchange of courtesies, the tour begins with the presentation of solar panels with a first stop in the shelter area. Ange Mancini provides explanations to the two leaders over the LMP battery technology. It is then the turn of the Start-up Center the concept of which is welcomed by the guests who took the opportunity to meet with project leaders found there. The multi-business room also attracts the attention of two presidents who have the opportunity to see the craftsmen at work before moving to the center of awareness and care, then a stop at the multipurpose room.

At this step, the two heads of state speak to young Benineses who got scholarships from Edon Vallet Foundation. Francois Hollande took the opportunity to thank the sponsor of the Foundation for this achievement, in the same line, he urges the young scholars to work for Benin, Africa, and also France. As for his Benin counterpart, Dr. Thomas BONI YAYI, he seized the opportunity to thank Vincent Bollore for the various investments made in Benin, particularly in the railway and Bluezones.