The showroom at the Central Station in Cotonou opens to the public

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The Central Station at Cotonou has been entirely renovated by Bolloré Group. Its blue and white facade, impressive fascia with the embedded clock that tells passengers, passers-by and locals the time are a source of delight for the people of Benin, who will very soon be rediscovering the pleasure of taking the train. With passenger services due to be up and running as soon as track construction work has been completed, Bolloré Group has made the Central Station at Cotonou into a place to enjoy, with a chance to find out and exchange ideas and information, with cultural activities and exhibitions open to the public. The Showroom installed in the main hall on the ground floor of the station is entirely dedicated to these activities.


“An image is worth a thousand words”. Visitors stepping into the main hall of the Central Station in Cotonou are impressed by the carefully arranged exhibition of photos and graphics around the room. Closer inspection reveals that the illustrations on the wall tell the step-by-step story of the work that has given the station its new, completely modernised appearance. This will help visitors to understand the scale of the design and construction work that has gone into the impressive building. On another wall, a map of Africa shows in simple form the rail loop that will ultimately link Togo, Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire, with details that give an idea of the scale of the project.

The Central Station at Cotonou has become a place to learn and a place to enjoy. Due soon are a restaurant, mini-concerts and more. Everything is being done to make the station once again a place to meet people, do business and enjoy life in Benin. In short: a place to be proud of.