Awareness session on environment issues

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The association APA « Afrique Pleine d’avenir » has organized an awareness session on environment for about fifty pupils of the public primary school Charles Guillot.

Formation sur l'environnement 665
Since its inception, the association APA works through the commitment of volunteers in France and Africa. Considering that the development of the African continent is inextricably linked to access to education, APA’s activities are not limited to the collection of donations. Its purpose is primarily to support children in their lifetime by increasing their access to education. For this purpose, partnerships with local schools are established to develop a relationship of trust to achieve the objective of a school enrollment rate of about 100%. In line with this, a lecture on environment issues was given on Friday, January 15, 2016, to 50 pupils of CM1 and CM2 classes of the public primary school Charles Guillot. This session is part of the dynamic development of cultural and educational activities in partnership between French and Beninese schools.
It helped the children become familiar with topics related to the environment. It also was an opportunity to realize the new partnership between APA and the NGO Terre d’Espoir.

Formation sur l'environnement 665
Terre d’Espoir (Land of Hope) is a young association that works to improve the welfare and economic development of communities. Particularly concerned with environmental issues, the association commends the behavior of eco-citizenship and education and training initiatives for sustainable development.
During this session, the children were asked to think about the utility and the consequences of their surroundings. The trainer has captivated her young audience by hosting a session allowing children to build and share their own vision of the environment. They did not fail to express themselves and actively respond to the questions of the speaker:
“What is the environment? “ :
“It is all around us! “. “And what’s around you? “
” Lights ! Garbage ! Vehicles ! Sellers ! Trees ! ”
What are trees used for? » « For providing coolness! At noon, if there is no tree, it is very hot». This is a preview of the interactive session that took place between the instructor and the students.
At the end of the training, all the children were given a snack as well as a summary sheet of the day’s theme.
Other sessions organized soon will deepen the subject and raise awareness on the importance of environmental conservation.