Bead necklaces exhibition in the multi – business room of Zongo Bluezone

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Since its opening on May 2, the multi-business room hosts an exhibition of traditional ornaments beads. Beyond the discovery of splendid creations, the exhibition created a sense of pride, especially since the exhibits are Made in Bénin.

Photo expo perles 665

“Had it not been the Bluezone, we certainly would not know that such things are made in Benin” Sonia told us proud to see all these finery each more beautiful than the last.

The singularity of these beaded necklaces is the raw material used to make them. Most are made from baked earth. A method that the Bluezone allows the public to discover while encouraging talented artisans.

Area reserved for traditional crafts, the multi-business hall of the Bluezone although it help highlight the expertise of Benin, aims to train artisans and strengthen their production capacity.