Coaching session in personal achievement

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The firm IMPACT PLUS COUNSULTING GROUP has organized in cooperation with the Bluezone, a session of coaching in personal achievement.

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Specialized in training, recruitment, coaching and legal advice, IMPACT PLUS is a firm that works to train effective managers by organizing monthly and free sessions of coaching. 

For your information, coaching is an assistance, individually or collectively, enabling you to achieve concrete and measurable results on your professional and personal life. It is based on a principle of free discussion and questions that make the coachee to find out his own solutions.

Facilitated by the founder of IMPACT PLUS, Marcel EFFON, this first meeting was held on the theme ”10 Keys to develop personal excellence in 2016′ ‘. The objective was to enable young people to redefine their standards in terms of attitudes, expression and self-image.
For two hours, the coach strove to provide participants with the tools to take full responsibility for their lives, to set specific targets in the pursuit of excellence and create their own reality according to their individual aspirations.

The session was very interactive and the participants asked plenty questions that the coach enjoyed to answer. “Usually, trainings such as the one we have just attended are very expensive. It is fortunate that thanks to Bluezone and IMPACT PLUS we have the opportunity to develop ourselves and be more competitive in the world of employment at no cost ,“ admitted Simon, a young Blueliner at the end of the session.