Cotonou RFI Club : « Collèges-Vacances 2015» at Zongo Bluezone

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The Federation of RFI Clubs of Benin organized at Zongo Bluezone the inaugural edition of Collège-Vacances (BLUEVACANCES) project.

Cotonou RFI Club  : « Collèges-Vacances 2015» at Zongo Bluezone

True to its mission of support to school youth, Cotonou RFI Club has initiated educational and entertainment parties for its young members.

The activities aim at gathering and teaching many Beninese students. The participants had the chance to meet resource persons in the school world including heads of institutions, teachers and educational consultants. For two days, they could benefit from the advice of these professionals to help them improve their results in the various subjects taught in colleges and high schools in Benin. The program includes a lecture on “how to succeed in literary and scientific subjects.” Educational games and a podium also punctuated the training sessions organized during this period of school holidays. Students were able to show their various talents of singers and actors.

All the new Blueliners said they were delighted to have been able to discover and enjoy all the facilities and services offered by the Bluezone. They fully intend to return as often as possible!