Initiation to horticulture at Zongo Bluezone

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The green space in Zongo Bluezone, devoted to training in horticulture, gets moving to action. More and more blueliners come to learn the best practices of plant breeding and respect for the environment.

Horticulture Bolloré Bénin Bluezone

Zongo Bluezone does not exclusively consist of a start-up Center to spark the entrepreneurial spirit, a multi craft hall that provides an ideal setting for the different artisans to practice their art and train colleagues, playgrounds enabling healthy mind in a healthy body, a multimedia space at the cutting edge of technology that connects Benin internet users to the world, it is above all an area that places particular emphasis on respect and preservation of environment. As evidence in line with this ideal, the site’s operation is based on production and storage of a 100% clean electricity through the LMP batteries (Lithium Metal Polymer) connected to solar panels.

Acting in line with its global vision for sustainable development, the Bluezone, in partnership with local associations, launched its blueliners training project, eager to initiate good practice of growing plants and the preservation of environment.

The green space in the Bluezone, which is planned to become a tree nursery- school is a timely initiative for many youths of Cotonou city which aims to become an African Green Capital. It also responds to the will of the Bolloré Group to develop around the Blueline a community of life and practices to contribute to the improvement and preservation of populations’ living conditions.