Promoting young talents through drawing

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True to its goal to be a talent incubator, the Bluezone team takes every opportunity to reveal, promote and encourage excellence. On May 2, a drawing competition, organized at the Bluezone, rewarded three young amateur designers.

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Following a hard-fought competition, Stephane, Naomi and Alexander have excelled each through a work that caught the attention of the jury.

They were fourteen competitors for three places on the podium with a fourth incentive prize. The aim was to seduce the jury, consisting of a teacher, a school counselor and psychologist. The grail returned to Stéphane, who in a unsteady voice, told us “I am happy.” Our drawing champion had the ingenious idea of reproducing with his creative touch, the boat on display in the multipurpose hall which hosted the competition.

The second prize was awarded to Naomi, the unique youngest of the group. On his sheet, our budding designer presented a replica of the Bluecar, colored in pale green. Alexander also opted for a car, which was however less successful with the jury. Good luck to these young talents who will certainly benefit from drawing training in the coming days at the Bluezone.