The « Blue English Club » of Zongo

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In cooperation with the association « Language Improvement Corner », it is possible to learn English for free at the Bluezone.

Le Blue English Club de la Bluezone de Zongo 665

In Benin, many young people do not give importance to English and often find themselves at the end of high school with a very poor level after seven years of classes regularly attended. In many countries, English is the official language and having a good command of that language is a major asset.

Mindful that Benin youth has language gaps, the “Language Improvement Corner”, an association of young English teachers got involved in the promotion of the language for pupils, students and officials.

Every Saturday morning blueliners now have the opportunity to come and learn English. Through quizzes, crosswords and themed conversations, participants enrich their vocabulary, discover the history of Anglo-Saxon civilization … Unlike during traditional English, the more playful teaching attracts young. Through meaningful practical exercises, they also perfect grammar and conjugation.

Joanna, a young Blueliner present at each session said: “By improving your spoken English, you take confidence and you express yourself fluently, convincingly. In different situations, you learn to communicate in a nuanced way and enrich your vocabulary. And you will notice that speaking English is a pleasure! In addition it is free if you are a Blueliner!”.