The launching of AMACAB

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Benin managers decided to create the Association of Cultural Active Managers of Benin (AMACAB) to revitalize the art sector in their country.

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Benin showbiz is in organizing process. To structure and revitalize the business of the cultural manager in Benin, Cedrick Melky PEDRO, issued the idea of ​​bringing together his peers. Thus was born the Association of cultural active managers of Benin country.AMACAB which intends to restore the artists’ career management.
On 3 February, before an audience of artists, journalists and culture players at the Bluezone, artist managers unveiled their ambitions, including professionalizing their business and promoting the talent of Benin artists beyond national borders.
Several topics were on the agenda of the first General Assembly. Among others were the presentation of the project, reading and adoption of the texts and the election of members of the executive board. Under the supervision of a presidium presided over by Ulysses Elliott DJODJI, actors have complied with the various requirements of the meeting in strict accordance with a predetermined program and executed with precision.
On the occasion of this first session, Eusebius DOSSOU was elected president to lead the destiny of the association during a four-year term. In his first address, he insisted on the principle of mutual assistance. “We must work hand in hand. It is together that we can actually prove the usefulness of our association in the world of showbiz for better returns. Thus, a new look will be on the Benin showbiz through AMACAB which now is a reality for a real achievement of Benin artists”