The multi-business hall of Zongo Bluezone makes Benin artists and artisans’ talent known

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Since May 2, the date of the opening of Zongo Bluezone, the multi-business room is constantly active and is always full. As days go by, and considering the important artisanal activities taking place there, the place appears more and more to be a crucible for producing expertise of Benin handicraft.

Salle multi métiers 665

The Bluezone’s multi-business room made the artist Sandra Adjaho from the Pearl House known through her terracotta ornaments. The setting provided by the multi-business hall has allowed this designer to show her necklaces up, exhibit them and make them known to a wider audience. Several other visual artists, painters, sewing specialists … have benefited from the setting of the multi-business room to perform their jobs, to improve or even exhibit their work.
Today, the multi-business room hosts a painting on tee-shirt workshop. The promoter of this initiative is the Benin young designer Moise Gangbazo. His goal is to promote his own clothes brand (TINKPON KAINFRI WEAR) but also to show young people the printing technique on cloth.