Zongo Bluezone: introduction to the art of tight thread

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Zongo Bluezone offers Blueliners a training in the art of tight thread
This art is a representation of any object from a drawing reproduced with nails wrapped in tightly wound threads of different colors. Paints designed with tight threads require a technique with greatest accuracy to give rise to colored drawings such as geometric shapes, initials, flowers, butterflies, etc.

Zongo Bluezone: introduction to the art of tight thread
Initiated a couple of weeks ago, this activity is taking place in the Multi-Trades room and it arouses the curiosity and enthusiasm of Blueliners so that they registered and started training.
Three times a week they give rope to their imagination and apply carefully to make drawings out of simple colored thread rolls.
Jean-Marc, a young Blueliner who discovered for the first time this form of art, is trying to draw a pineapple with the help of the coach. After drawing the outline of the letter on the canvas, he places markers with small nails. Then comes the most interesting stage: entangling threads and wind them around nails until you see the selected pattern. Once the drawing is completed it remains only to make a small knot to stop the thread. Delighted with his achievement, Jean-Marc could not hide his happiness and told us that in the future he would try to make more complex shapes.

“I was very impressed by the ability of young people to understand and apply the method of tight thread. This art will allow them to develop their sense of concentration and creation “,the trainer, Raphael KPANKOUN, told us.