Creation of a Benin 2025 social network

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8 october 2014

The Bluezones are also intended to become digital zones, with a very modern and open outlook.

Eventually, each Bluezone will have a powerful digital networking tool: the Benin 2025 social network built on It will enable everyone to interact and make connections using the digital communities dedicated to their projects and businesses.

The Benin 2025 social network will be a space for all Beninese who want to pursue projects of all types: from sports clubs to start-ups and cultural associations. This digital space will be accessible on desktop, via the Wi-Fi network provided in the Bluezone, and on smartphones.

On, people will also be able to create their own social networks and interest communities: for their companies, their associations and even their families and friends. This will help synergies to emerge, especially in education and entrepreneurship.

The Benin 2025 network will very soon be available in the Zongo Bluezone.