Direct TV viewing of the Real Madrid vs Juventus match in the multipurpose room of Zongo Bluezone

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On Wednesday, 13 May several hundred Blueliners gathered in the multipurpose room of Zongo Bluezone to watch the return leg of the semifinals of the Champions League. Having opposed Real to Juventus, the game ended with a final score of 1 goal for both sides, and as a result the elimination from competition of Real Madrid.

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The excitement was at its height on 13 May. In the multipurpose room of Zongo Bluezone, the public watched this great cast that pitted two big clubs: Real Madrid and Juventus.

The place went wild with big applause, uncontrollable fits of laughter for some or smiles for others; the joy was on every face. The advantages of the multipurpose room have largely contributed to the event. His red seats greeted each viewer by offering a good seating comfort. The layout of the screen in the room favored watching without bothering seatmates every second of the game. The good quality of the sound transposed the audience into the atmosphere of the stadium. The disappointment of the supporters of the losing team (Real Madrid) was tempered by the comfort provided by the room. “My team lost but the conditions of televised broadcasting were so comfortable that I keep smiling,” told us Martial fan of the Real team before wishing “I would like for all other sporting events of this magnitude, we found ourselves in the multipurpose room for watching.”