Promo Genius Culture Competition

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The fourth edition of inter-school tournament «Promo Genius »was launched at the Bluezone multipurpose room byIdeeConception Association.

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« Promo Genius» is Inter-school championship of general culture which aims at creating the spirit of excellence and competitiveness among young people. For the tournament promoter, NerusKOLADE,Benin, the former “Guartier Latin de l’Afrique”, is going through an educational crisis as reflected in the decrease of the learners’ knowledge level. Therefore « Promo Genius» was established to make a modest contribution to the education system.

Initiated by The IdeeConceptionassociation, this fourth edition is placed under the topic «Change in thinking and attitudes: a duty for us»to encourage the participants to live healthily in the community.
The competition helps students strengthen their capacities in various disciplines such as history, geography, natural sciences and literature, etc. It also enables the participants to develop friendship and solidarity ties.
«This initiative is to be encouraged and the secondary school students should not hesitate to participate in such a test in order to compare their knowledge to other people and evaluate themselves. » told us Moucharaf SADIKOU, Coordinator of RFI Club and partner of the event,
Forty eight schools of several departments across the country will compete for this fourth edition. Training courses have been planned for the candidates in order to raise awareness on the good behaviours that should be adopted in schools.The selection matches are scheduled to continue throughout the academic year and the final phase will take place during school holidays. Under the supervision of a jury, the competitors will play against one anpther in teams on thematic issues grouped by category. . The team with the higher score will be declared winner of this edition and will gain an award with several school books.