The Zongo Bluezone promotes new technologies

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18 october 2014

A window on the world: that’s certainly how the future Zongo Bluezone could be described.

Thanks to the energy supplied constantly by its electric LMP battery and the deployment of its internet connections, the Bluezone will enable the Beninese people to go online to search, learn, send their news to the other side of the world, connect the world to Benin, and connect Benin to the world.

These new information technologies will be available when the Zongo Bluezone opens. With controlled access, everyone will be able to log in freely to the internet via free Wi-Fi. For less experienced users, beginners’ IT courses will he held in partnership with Beninese charities.

It will mainly be a case of getting students used to using a computer, browsing the internet, and mastering some common programmes.