1st Seminar on pediatric nephrology in Cotonou

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Under the aegis of IPNA (Pedriatic International Nephrology Association) and with the support of SOBEP (Benin Pediatric Society), Zongo Bluezone hosted a seminar on pediatric nephrology.

1ER Séminaire de néphrologie pédiatrique 3 665


The objectives of this first seminar in Benin were awareness raising and training of medical personnel in charge of child health.
Two Benin pediatric nephrologists, Dr. Francis LALYA and Dr. Mylène GRIMAUD, chaired the organizing committee of the seminar. According to them, the real ambition of this medical meeting was to “highlight the renal pathologies of children and to encourage the protection of kidney in order to avoid the often inexorable progression to dialysis and even death because of lack of opportunities for kidney transplantation in Benin “.

1ER Séminaire de néphrologie pédiatrique à 665
The workshop also aimed to make known peritoneal dialysis and encourage vocations for pediatric nephrology with young doctors. Several countries such as France, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Cameroon, Mali and Togo were represented.
Several topics were discussed: children’s blood pressure, nephrotic syndrome, children’s urinary infection and urinary tract malformations and the links kidneys-HIV, kidney-sickle cell disease, kidney-malaria. Practical workshops were also carried out to enable health actors to better handle care techniques.

1ER Séminaire de néphrologie pédiatrique  2 665

This first symposium was notably sponsored by the Ministry of Health, represented by the Minister in person, Dr. Pascal DOSSOU-TOGBE and his team. In his address, he expressed the gratitude of the Government of Benin TO partners working to reduce the mortality rate due to CHILDREN4S kidney disease in Benin. He also praised the initiative of this platform of exchanges and wished it could be perpetuated.
As a matter of information: The International Association of Pediatric Nephrology consists of approximately 1500 pediatric nephrologists and allied health professionals, representing 89 countries worldwide. It works to disseminate knowledge about children kidney disease in areas where care is most needed.