Basketball at Zongo Bluezone

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The gleaming basketball court of Zongo Bluezone hosted a memorable event on April 6. 16 wheelchair basketballers from a disabled sports association played. Divided into two teams recognizable due to their yellow and red sport shirts, the players held the crowd spellbound through a game which, while arousing curiosity, won the admiration of onlookers.

Basket 665


“Our handicap did not get the better of our passion,” said Barry, the captain of one of the competing teams. Zongo Bluezone aims to make fulfilling dreams come true. “By providing us with a basketball court for his inauguration, the Bluezone allowed us to express our talents in public view,” confided one of the competitors.

By discovering with wonderment, spectators were full of praise. Inside and outside the site, behind the blue gates that offer a view of what is happening on the ground, eyes were surprised and appreciative.

By promoting this demonstration, the Bluezone gave the opportunity to everyone to have another perception of the disabled through sport. Amine, one of the players of the red team, convinced of his dexterity, expressed the hope that those responsible for this new site would soon organize a three-point shot contest, open to the best basketball players in Cotonou. This request will certainly be featured in the programmes that the Bluezone will soon propose.