Breast cancer : Awareness and detection at the Bluezone

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The student association «Benin Health Movement» has organized at the Bluezone  an exchange meeting on the breast cancer.

Composed of faculty of health science students of Cotonou, the association «BeninHealthMovement» initiated the gathering in the Bluezone multipurpose room to talk about the breast cancer.
Cancer means the presence of abnormal cells which multiply in uncontrolled manner in the body. In the case of breast cancer, the cells can stay in the breast or be spread by the blood or lymph vessels. It is the most diagnosed form among women in the world.Most of the time, its progress takes several months or even years. Much uncommon among men, this cancer affects however 1 %of all cases.

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In Benin,Breast cancer is very widespread disease but people are not informed about the issue.The aim of the awareness session was then to inform people about this disease, its development and especially its diagnosis.
Due to quite non-existence of curative treatments, the only one way to avoid the complications related to the disease is the prevention. Thus, on the theme «Breast cancer:self-examination of the breasts, the gesture which saves!» The cancer surgeon doctor Freddy GNANGNON made a very comprehensive presentation.He shared with the meeting, the risk factors for breast cancer among which the heredity, the precocious puberty, the late menopause, and the obesity. He also put emphasis on the fact that every woman from the age of 18 years must self-examine for seeking any anomaly because the earlier the cancer is detected, the greater the chances of healing.
More than 200people,women and men, took part in this meeting.
At the end of the conference, a free detection of breast cancer was held at the Bluezone  care and listening centre. It was the occasion for most to learn the self-examination gestures in order to do it as often as possible and to report to doctors as soon as possible any anomaly.