Listening,Awareness and care center of Zongo Bluezone

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Since “listening is the first step towards healing,” Zongo Bluezone provides its members with a listening, awareness and care center. Managed in partnership with renowned Beninese associations specialized in the field of health, the building of Zongo Bluezone’s mission is to contribute to the welfare of Blueliners.

Centre d'écoute 665

Nestled deep in the Bluezone just before the horticultural area and marked with a red cross on its front, the center has two consulting rooms. Each is equipped with appropriate materials for first aid. These rooms can also house campaigns for vaccination, screening and pandemic, hygiene and infectious diseases awareness.

In addition to these two rooms, the building offers two offices that will be occupied by professionals (educators, sociologists, psychologists …) to welcome the residents living near the Bluezone.