Photovoltaic panels in Bluezones

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November 2014

A Bluezone can be totally self-sufficient thanks to its solar power plant.

 Its photovoltaic panels convert free, unlimited solar energy into electricity. The sun is an accessible and sustainable raw material, but an intermittent energy source. Solar panels have been around for a long time in Africa, but the real innovation here is the ability to capture, store and distribute solar energy at any time of the day or night.


It is the combined development of photovoltaic power plants and storage techniques that is the technological key to improving populations’ access to electricity. Blue Solutions has achieved a world first. By combining its expertise in energy storage with the solar technology designed by Sunpower (a Total subsidiary), Blue Solutions enables a Bluezone to produce and use 100% renewable, environmentally-friendly energy 24 hours a day.

Firstly, a solar power plant comprising 232 photovoltaic panels spread over an area of 700 sq m captures and transforms the energy of the sun. It then sends this energy to a storage unit that uses LMP® (Lithium Metal Polymer) technology by Blue Solutions.

This “giant battery” has a capacity of 180 kWh. Lastly, a computer system manages the power plant to create a truly smart power network which distributes the current to the whole Bluezone. Thanks to this unique technology, the Bluezone produces enough energy to be totally self-sufficient.