Zongo Bluezone:development incubator

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By agreeing to meet with the Government of Benin in addressing the energy challenge, through the installation of photovoltaic panels, the Bolloré Group lays the foundations of human security,” said the president in his speech of April 6 at Zongo Bluezone.

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The stations were living and profit centers. These stations are preparing to be reborn. The fight will continue for the remote areas of Benin with the deployment of other Bluezones” he says, corroborating the sayings of the CEO Vincent Bolloré of Bolloré Group who said:”Other Bluezones will multiply everywhere along the railroad”

Welcoming in passing the quality of the strategic partnership between the Bolloré Group and the Government of Benin, the head of state said: “To trigger economic development, it is necessary to work on services, an economy now based on technology innovation and renewable energy.”