Benoît du Souich is leaving Benin

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On Thursday, February 4, the Bluezone said goodbye to Mr. Benoît du SOUICH, CEO of the Bolloré Group in Benin.

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The team of Bluezone did not depart from the tradition and organized a cocktail to wish a good luck to its CEO who is leaving for other missions in Ghana. A little poetic declamation was prepared on this occasion and recited in unison by all the team members. The center manager, Nelly SALAH, then took the floor and praised the work of the excellent manager, who has spared no effort to ensure that the Bluezone is today a reference space in Cotonou.

In his response, Mr. SOUICH warmly thanked the staff of the Bluezone and told them that he was pleased to have worked with a team that contributes to the development of Benin youth. He also urged them to redouble their efforts so that all the people of Benin could benefit from this achievement of the Bolloré Group.

After this speech, symbolic gifts were given to him. They were immediately opened and they revealed beautiful works of art made by Benin artists.

The Chairman of the Executive Board of the Bolloré Group in Benin, Venance Gnigla said afterwards he saw in the eyes of all, signs tinged with sadness and respect. He promised to do everything possible to meet everyone’s expectations and help them achieve the goals planned.