Bluezone by night

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At nightfall Cotonou now shines more than before. Zongo Bluezone contributed to this positive change. Overlooking the resort, the streetlights painted blue shine brightly around the mosque, the Zongo market and the Boulevard of the Armies. From the sky, passengers flying to Benin’s capital enjoy at dusk a stunning view of these illuminated components of the landscape.

Photo BZ by Night 665

“Do stars light up more the sky of Cotonou?” Asked Bruno, an expatriate in Cotonou back after six weeks of absence. The white light beams from the lighting poles of Zongo Bluezone illuminate the city center of Cotonou and give it at evening time the appearance of a modern metropolis.

The citizens of Cotonou are unanimous on the benefits of Zongo Bluezone. “It enhances the image of the Zongo area and offers many services to youth. And at night, it continues to make us a service by illuminating the whole neighborhood, “said one of the residents.

Technological innovation brought by the Bolloré Group to the Bluezone lies in the photovoltaic panels which, thanks to Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP), can store the energy produced by the sun and redistribute it at any time whether day or night.