Business leaders at Zongo Bluezone

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Invited to visit Zongo Bluezone, many business leaders have responded to the invitation of the Management of Benin Bolloré Group.

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DELOITTE Benin, SCB LAFARGE, ORABANK, AZALAI, SERVAIR BENIN, BENIN MATERIALS … representatives of the business world in Benin were there to experience Zongo Bluezone live.

Upon their arrival, they were greeted according to the customary exchange of courtesies by the site manager and her team; then the guests visited the facility with great enthusiasm. All the explanations necessary to the understanding of this site were brought to the visitors by Souich Benoit, CEO of the Group in Benin. He emphasized on the autonomous source of clean energy of the site, which is totally new in Benin.

The impressive field of solar panels and the shelter has particularly stirred the curiosity of guests who listened carefully to the presentation on the LMP technology. The ecological character of this source of energy and its ability to produce and use continuously 24hours a day an original 100% renewable energy and environment-friendly seduced these entrepreneurs.

The visit continued with a tour of the Start-up Center which was welcomed by the delegation.

“My thanks for the pleasant discovery this morning. It was very informative. Every encouragement to the rise of Zongo Bluezone” said one the guests.

To the delegation of business leaders, it was clarified that a number of the Zongo Bluezone facilities can be made available to businesses through partnerships.