His Excellency Dr Thomas BONI YAYI and Vincent BOLLORE inaugurate the Zongo Bluezone

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On Monday April 6 2015, His Excellency, Dr Thomas BONI YAYI, and Vincent BOLLORE, CEO of Bolloré Group, inaugurated the Zongo Bluezone in Cotonou, Benin’s capital city. A landmark on the West African rail loop, this living facility, built by Bolloré Group and devoted to innovation, is a first for Benin. Its vocation is to boost the social and economic development of the country and contribute to the wellbeing of the population.

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“What you can see here are innovative investments in an area that was formerly abandoned. The important thing to observe however is that, though the evening darkness has fallen, we can enjoy light and air-conditioning produced by the sun”, explained Vincent Bolloré.

“The technological innovation delivered by Bolloré Group in Benin is embodied in the photovoltaic panels, which, combined with Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP) batteries, provide storage capacity for solar energy and a means to distribute it round the clock”.

He added: “we produce a half-megawatt of electricity on this site and can use it to power lighting, computers and drinking water treatment. Our ambition for this Bluezone in the heart of Cotonou is to enable craftsmen to showcase their skills and young people to connect to the Internet, while contributing to the health of local people and, above all, offering start-ups the office space they need to develop their business projects”.

A year has passed since the rail loop project launch, and Bolloré Group has successfully risen to the challenge! The Bongo Bluezone is now for real. Where once lay an unhealthy wasteland, Zongo can now boast a splendid environmentally-friendly centre, dedicated to the promotion of craftsmanship, the arts and sport in the economic capital of Benin.