Japan Ambassador to Benin visits Zongo Bluezone

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On July 1, a delegation from the Japanese Embassy in Cotonou, headed by Daini T sukahara, the Japanese Ambassador to Benin, visited the Zongo Bluezone.

Japan ambassador Benin Zongo Bluezone

Greeted with the usual courtesies by teams Bluezone, guests visited the infrastructure with great curiosity. It is Benoit du Souich, CEO of the Group in Benin, who brought to the Japanese hosts all the explanations necessary for the understanding of this autonomous space for clean energy, and totally new to Benin.

The visit began with a presentation of solar panels and a first stop in the helter areas. It continued with the Start up Center, whose concept was very appreciated by the ambassador. Sports fields, multi crafts hall, horticultural area and the center of awareness and care have all been visited respectively.

In the multipurpose room, guests have taken seat and watched a screening of the film on Bluezones. After this rewarding moment M. DainiT Sukahara promised to bring his mite to the enrichment of event programming at the Bluezone through exhibitions of Japanese artists and musicians, in partnership with the Bluezone.