Karate:Rank moving -up ceremony

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The SECK association,karate club,chose theBluezone to organize the ceremony of rank moving -up for its young members.

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In karate,as in many martial arts, ranks are awarded to practitioners at the end of tests aiming, first of all, at measuring the progress. Each rank is materialized by a belt of different colours. It can be white, yellow,orange,green,blue,purple,brownorblack.

That is why the multipurpose room has been turned into gymnasium for the annual assessment of the SECK association karate practitioners.For several hours, the young practitioners showed toughness by demonstrating their techniques of moving, of attack and of blocking.Under the guidance of several instructors, they have had to perform several combat techniques against imaginary opponents. The presence of parents and friends does not prevent the candidates to concentrate themselves and to succeed the evaluation.

At the end of the tests all the young karate practitioners have entered the senior ranks.
It is with great honour, pride and emotion that they took their old belts off for the new ones.«This year has been special because the learners had made a good performance, despite the rigour of coaches. I am very satisfied and proud of their results, their attitudes and faithfulness to this sport and their teacher»,told usGeorges AGBEGNINOU,a trainer.
It was also the opportunity for SECK association,to give gifts to different learners. The ceremony ended in a good atmosphere.