Meeting between the Head of State and a delegation of the Vivendi Group at Zongo Bluezone

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On June 1, the multipurpose room of Zongo Bluezone received the Management Board of Vivendi Group. For its first visit to Africa, the global music giant and No. 1 French pay-TV chose Benin. The multipurpose room of the Bluezone Zongo has taken its party clothes for a gala dinner during which the day’s guests were presented to the Head of State, Dr. Thomas Boni Yayi.

Dîner 665

Vivendi is a French group which includes several leading companies in media content. With its 35 billion euro market capitalization, Vivendi aims to revitalize African music in general and Benin in particular. Vivendi, is actually Universal, the world leader in music. But it is also Canal +, the European leader in pay television, also very active in Africa and Asia. With StudioCanal, Canal + is also the European leader in the production and distribution of films. Finally, Vivendi is currently in the process of taking over Dailymotion, the 2nd video hosting platform after YouTube.

With its determination to establish it self in Africa, Vivendi Group has chosen Benin as the first destination. “Benin is a big country” acknowledged Vincent Bolloré with the applause of the audience before going on “Benin is a big country because the great development of the world is taking shape here and now. It is a zone of stability on the Nigerian border. This is an open area to the sea which, thanks to its railway line, is in the process of serving the hinterland countries ”

These strengths, combined with the expertise of the Vivendi Group, will certainly allow the creation and promotion of the label “Beniwood”. After the first visit of this delegation, others will follow in order to “identify talent, people who can write scripts, people who can run, people who can make films and therefore it is this film industry that we have to develop starting from Benin ” said Vincent Bolloré who also announced that soon movie theater would be back in Benin.
“The people of Benin, for some time, have embarked on major reforms. And in the field of recreation, film and others, we can open a new page with your presence “welcomed the Head of State, Dr. Thomas Boni Yayi.