Renewable energy : a reality at Zongo Bluezone

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The Bluezone is illuminated. Solar panels coupled to electric battery now supply the Bluezone with electricity. The shelters which contain the LMP batteries were put into service. The light, both indoors and outdoors, is now available and gives the whole site a new look. This new step reassured the Chief of Zongo district, who had some concern about the lighting around the site.665 SAM_1002

One consequence of this achievement is also the commissioning of the water fountain via a drilling system fully powered by solar energy from the power produced at the Bluezone.

Informed of this new technique the municipal authorities and the community elders of Zongo district visited the site and expressed their satisfaction.

Storing and distributing solar energy thanks to the Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP) facilitating greater public access to clean electricity at lower cost now come true in Benin.