Right and Disability

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The association “Creuset d’Orientation et d’Intégration des Personnes Handicapées  (COIPH)”  (crucible for Orientation and Integration of disabled persons) has chosen Bluezone to host a session of discussions on the theme:  «The disability and the right of disabled people».

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“Creuset  d’Orientation et d’Intégration des Personnes Handicapées(COIPH) is an association founded in 2011.Its objective is the full recognition and enjoyment of human right to all persons with disabilities.
The United Nation Convention on the rights of disabled people was ratified by Benin in 2012 and this association organizes training courses related to these rights in order to foster the application of the Convention.

The COIPH promotesthe article8 of this convention,which states that each State must raise awareness amongst its population so that the disability and the disabled persons must be considered with more dignity and respect as citizens with full rights.
Considering that youth education is the basis of development, the COIPH, aims at training some class prefects selected from some public and private secondary schools of Cotonou on the issue of disabled people’s rights.
For this reason, Abdel OUOROUBARE,presidentof COIPH,brought together more than twenty young secondary school students at the Bluezone. The purpose of this information session is to familiarize them with terminologies relating to the disability and to the international legal framework on the human rights in general and those of disabled persons in particular.
Based on concrete examples, this activity enabled to increase awareness amongst the secondary school students. So in turn, they can work on the social participation of the disabled persons in both their families and their schools.
This training took half a day and the embassy of the United-State was represented by ElisabethVANHYLandRomaricMOUFTAOU.