The Bluezone: a special place for Benin’s gardeners!

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Building on its underlying principle – the production and storage of 100% clean energy using LMP (Lithium Metal Polymer) batteries connected to solar panels – the Zongo Bluezone attaches special importance to environmental conservation.


L'horticulture BAT 665


The Bluezone will be launching a new project closely linked to Bolloré Group’s global action in favour of sustainable development. Within the infastructure grounds, a green area has been set aside for training in horticulture. The goal is to create an ideal working environment for future Blueliners keen to learn all the best practice that goes into gardening and the growing of plants.

A dozen potted plants have already arrived at the Bluezone and been carefully arranged at the site. They include hydrangea, iris, hyacinth, jasmine, orchids, tulips, and roselle (a West African hibiscus). “In addition to their bright and beautiful colours, these plants have many virtues. An infusion of hibiscus, for example, lowers blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disorders”, explains a gardener at the Bluezone.

With Cotonou’s ambition to become one of Africa’s green capitals, the time is just right for the Bluezone green area as it aims to become a school and incubator for aspiring gardeners in Cotonou. The project also reflects Bolloré Group’s desire to develop a whole community with a lifestyle and best practices around the Blueline, contributing to the preservation of a healthy environment for the nation’s people.