The Multi-purpose Room ofZongo Bluezone hosted its first performance.

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For the first performance hosted by the site, it is in the pleasant and brand new multi-purpose room that the Bluezone opened its doors. The renowned storyteller Fidèle Anato aka the Baobab performed there on 6 April. Before an audience of distinguished guests comfortably seated by stewardesses, the auditorium of the Bluezone has put its attendance in good conditions to attract and hold attention to the storyteller messages.

Salle de spectacle 665

Loud applause, laughter, smiles were noticed from people, the expression of joy was the common sharing of all the spectators. “The first attempt is really a masterstroke” warmly confided to us a Minister of the government.

The friendly atmosphere that prevailed at the end of the performance revealed the collective satisfaction of those who attended the first show housed in this room. If it is accepted that the quality of the performance of the invited artist delighted the public, it must also be emphasized the important role played by the multipurpose room of Zongo Bluezone for this unprecedented success. The lighting game that accompanied tone changes in the storyteller’s narrative helped the public to better understand the message communicated. Beyond this, the good quality of the sound system has fostered a careful and captivating listening about the speaker. These different criteria hoist Zongo Bluezone among the modern spaces capable of hosting major events.