The public primary school Charles Guillot, Pilot School to Zongo Bluezone

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On last Wednesday two mixed classes (CM1 and CM2) of Cotonou school group Charles Guillot visited the Zongo Bluezone. They were about sixty, accompanied by their teachers to take their first steps on the Bluezone.

Charles G 665

Living near their school complex, the majority of our visitors saw the Bluezone sprout. Many also are those who have heard about the events that took place there without being able to attend. Since then, each of them looked forward to discover places.

On Wednesday, May 6, the dream of schoolchildren of the public primary school Charles Guillot came true. The best is the signing of a partnership between the Bluezone and this school of Zongo, designating it as the pilot school that primarily benefit from its training programs.

The visit was conducted by step, to enable children to understand the concept. The grouping is before the welcome gate of the Bluezone, the first stop occurred in front of the field of solar panels where Nelly Salah, Site Manager, explained to his guests the ingenious system (LMP batteries) that supplies the Bluezone with power. This was followed by visits to other facilities: the start-up Center, the Internet room, the multipurpose room …

While the multipurpose room mostly held the attention of girls, because of the choreography and fashion shows taking place there, it is the ping-pong tables that have more interested boys.