The Zongo Bluezone: the story of a transformation

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November 2014

An ultra-modern complex, a technology and innovation hub, and a living space helping to improve the daily lives of young Beninese, the Bolloré Group’s Bluezone will undoubtedly enrich Cotonou, the economic capital of Benin. 

In the coming months, it will be a new addition to the working class neighbourhood of Zongo, in the heart of Cotonou, and sit on a 6,500 sq m plot near the central station. Once abandoned, overgrown and littered with debris, this space has now been completely cleaned up, to the delight of residents.


It is a project that has really caught the imagination of local people, who are seeing an innovative project take shape before their very eyes. Crowds are already forming regularly in front of the large project exhibition boards: there is real interest among users who are witnessing a transformation in this previously disused space.

The metamorphosis of Zongo has become a word-of-mouth phenomenon. Everyone can see for themselves the change and the potential of the innovative projects to which the Bluezone will be home. In an area, particularly the working class district, where the power supply is intermittent, the prospect of a constant, self-generated source of energy is giving young people real hope.

Equipped with the latest green technology, the Bluezone will thus be able to store and provide a constant source of clean energy thanks to an innovative technology, the Lithium Metal Polymer battery, supplied by solar energy, a permanent, renewable and totally environmentally-friendly energy source.

Access to energy opens up a whole host of possibilities: education, start-ups, health, craftsmanship, and more. All of this will now be accessible. The young people of Benin are already being promised that the amenities they most want will be available in the coming months in the Zongo Bluezone: sporting, cultural, creative and leisure facilities.